An old obsession rediscovered

In line with my resolution to care less about my job in order to save my mental health, I have started reading more. Also, I have been using goodreads a lot, which is pretty much amazon‘s version of facebook for booklovers. I have started to keep a “to read” list.

Now, because I got recommendations based on the books I already like – and because I got inspiration from seeing what books my friends read – and because I joined a virtual bookclub – and because I read a newspaper that happens to have quite decent book reviews – and because I am on Twitter and many authors happen to be cool people who are also on Twitter, my “to read” list got out of control pretty quickly. And instead of losing interest, I (re-)developed some pretty obsessive reading behaviour. I am already used to reading several books at a time, because THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY GREAT BOOKS OUT THERE so how could I commit to read only one at a time? And now I am not only reading several books at a time – no! I have started to plan my reading in advance (!) because it drives me crazy that two to three books is the maximum of books I enjoy reading in parallel, so I HAVE TO WAIT SO FREAKING LONG FOR ALL THE OTHERS and that actually (no irony, no sarcasm!) makes me sad and low-key anxious. I am having some very authentic Rory Gilmore-like “the number of books I want to read but probably never will reminds me of my own mortality” moments.

I really like books, and I don’t know how I could ever forget that.


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