Day one of my I-urgently-need-to-get-my-sh*t-together summer is over and it went okay-ish. I could not really reach my goal for today, but I got reasonably close. And I got one day closer to my hopefully well-deserved holiday, which starts next week.

After today, there is one more reason that I can add to the list of reasons why I really need this holiday: I have realized that I am surrounded by noise pretty much 24/7. It’s become so “normal” that I do not even notice it, but it contributes a lot to making me feel stressed out. Whether it’s the cars driving by under my (terrible, not sound-proof) windows all day and all night, or people on the tram, or people on the street, or airplanes, or neighbours, or construction work, or whatever — it is pretty much impossible for me to get something like 60 seconds of silence. ¬†Regardless of the time! Day and night! And I could really do with 60 seconds of f*cking silence for once…


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