Earlier this week, there was a first: I opened Twitter on my phone and there it was: a tweet promoting a conference schedule that featured me. Me. I spent around five minutes felling happy and scared at the same time, before a certain feeling of helplessness kicked in: What is the appropriate, professional, not-self-obsessed reaction to such a situation?

I notice that people on Twitter often retweet everything that mentions them, but those people are famous. I am just me. Wouldn’t it look super weird if I were to fave or retweet something that, well, made me look good?


My hypothesis is that this is a female socialization-issue, and therefore I did what I often try to do when I suspect that my being scared of something is a female socialization-issue: I think about what I nice girl would do – and do the opposite. I faved and retweetet.


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  1. *faved*

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