It’s not too late!

My grandparents and I are very close. However, my moving away has always been a problem. Now that I live really far away, there was a lot of fighting. They hardly travel anymore, and I don’t feel like going all the way to my hometown too often. I always pressured them to learn how to skype but my grandpa, who only has some rudimentary computer knowledge, was convinced it wouldn’t work and my grandma has always refused to even get near a computer.

I conspired with my mother to get their computer skype-ready, and last time I visited them, I more or less demanded that they sit down with me to let me introduce them to it. What followed was another fight. It was a nice idea, they said, but they were too old and it surely wouldn’t work, and they didn’t want to skype with me anyway.

I managed to convince them to try it out once, with me on the old-school phone as tech support to get the whole call going. And then… they were thrilled! They immediately wanted to make a new appointment and this week, my grandma – who has refused to get near a computer all her life – surprised my be telling me that she was learning how to use a computer. She has trouble using the mouse but she said that she is practising daily. We skyped after she had switched the computer on on her own, and she told me that after we hung up she would try to close all the programs and shut it down by herself. I am so incredibly proud of her, I am tearing up even thinking about it.



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  1. this is so sweet omg!

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  2. It’s never too late!

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