Social media observations – part 2

Yesterday, I shared an observation about something that seems to be a pattern in digital women’s spaces. The case I described is that of an unpolitical support group, so one could try to argue that if it had been a  specifically feminist space, something like that would have been less likely to occur. That may or may not be true, but “less likely” isn’t “not at all”.

So here’s another social media women’s space observation, this time from a feminist context. Some time ago, someone brought up the subject of International Women’s Day. She then went on to say that this day (or, to read her words more charitably: the way events on this day were organized) was “problematic”, because it should obviously be a day “for everyone who suffers from partiarchy in some form”. Really? It is obvious to some people that International Women’s Day cannot be “only” about women?

I cannot think of anything more in line with conservative gender stereotpyes than the idea that it is women’s job to always put others first.


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