Social media observations – part 1

I am constantly annoying my friends by being annoyed about stuff I read on the internet. Usually, they tell me to JUST QUIT READING, and they have a point. Why do I keep reading? Because what I read is not only annoying but also quite telling and thus provides interesting opportunities to reflect on certain issues.

I would like to give you an example. I am part of a women’s support network on facebook and I have been observing a pattern that occurs repeatedly: Women will start their posts with the words “Dear ladies, my husband” or “Dear ladies, my boyfriend”. Most of the time it’s about helping their male partner solving a problem or making a gift to him. Last week there even was a posting describing someone’s long-distance relationship, just to set the stage for the following dilemma: “I got a job offer which would mean we would not be able to live together for some more time. My boyfriend doesn’t want me to be away from him any longer but he also acknowledges that it’s a great opportunity for me. I don’t know what to do.” Later in the post she then also stated how she felt about the situation.

A lot of women seem to confuse a women’s support network for a network in which women support each others boyfriends/husbands.  And more generally, a lot of women seem to confuse their husband’s/boyfriend’s needs for their own.


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