Updates on the rejection challenge

Hello everybody,

so here’s a quick update on the rejection challenge. Progress: Minus one. One of the two rejections I got so far has been withdrawn and converted into an invitation. I am very excited!

While I wait for the other rejections (or maybe even some invitations) to come in, I would like to comment on the main idea. I got it from a colleague’s comment as you know, and someone (thank you!) pointed out to me that she had probably unknowingly referred to this wonderful project. This is a project of someone who is seeking out rejection for rejection’s sake, which is not quite my take on the issue. For me, not being rejected is always the secretly hoped for side-effect, and the idea to make it into a rejection challenge is probably my way to gamify the application process. The rejections I count are the ones from cases where I really tried. And yes, I hope that it will help me lower the bar for what I count as really trying, but it’s not so much about getting rejected as it is about allowing myself to try something, even if I am probably going to be rejected.


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