Harry Potter and the orange muggle

Every morning, my alarm goes off shortly before 8am. (Yes, I go to work relatively late. I usually stay there late, too.) My alarm is a radio and some seconds after it goes off, the morning news start. I am afraid of the news. I am honestly afraid because I have completely lost the distance to whatever is on the news. I am afraid because there have been a lot of days lately which I started while crying about what I had heard on the news.

In order to give myself a little break, I decided to re-read Harry Potter. I thought that a nice childrens book about magic would be the right thing to calm me down. It’s so innocent and harmless, how could it not help? Well, if you’ve read Harry Potter you will know that that was not exactly a smart move. Harry Potter becomes pretty much an Orwellian dystopy towards the end. So reading Harry Potter to give yourself a break from politics? Not working. On the contrary. It feels as if it was written to prepare children for times like ours.


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