Taking single life seriously

This post is not the first in which I write about being single and how I don’t consider it “just a phase” which somehow passes magically, naturally, or reliably. It is important to me to take this view seriously. I would love to have a life partner some day, but I do not want to be in a permanent state of waiting for this to happen.

One of the domains where this gets frighteningly real is the one we never talk about: it’s the question What happens if something happens to us ?. I don’t have much contact with my parents. The only parental figure I am regularly in touch with is officially no longer a relative of mine. So leaving it all to the family is not an option for me. It’s pretty obvious that it is time for me to deal with this issue. My flatmate and I have already taken a first step by writing down an emergency call list, with specifications for different grades of emergencies, from breaking a leg to coma or sudden death. In a weird way, I am immensely proud of us for having done this. The next related long-term goal is to write an actual will. But I am not brave enough to deal with that yet.




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  1. that gave me goosebumps. not so common for a wednesday morning. hope there will never be an austrian person calling on my phone.

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