A piece of advice

This weekend, I went out with the person I already told you about: the one I got to know via okCupid and who I have been meeting so often that at some point, it was not clear whether we were dating or just spending time together. I wore the awesome shirt (in the picture) that my room mate gave me and had a chance to solve the mystery: It turns out we were not dating anymore and I am fine with it. (Although the moment she told me about her new partner felt a bit weird)

However, it was a nice evening. I told her about the stress I’ve lately been having for messing things up and simply having a lot on my plate, and shortly before we went home, she gave me a good piece of advice (indirectly referring to some incident that had happened earlier): “Every time you feel bad because you think you can’t keep up with everything or because you think you’re doing everything wrong, just remember that at least you’re not that guy who is coming to a gay bar to pick up women.”


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