I’m too  old for this

I remember why being done with taking classes seemed so awesome.

Today. Me in a class with students who have been studying half the time I have, thus having half the experience and knowledge.

Question:Can we overcome X?

Dude: No, because X is a ubiquitous.It includes all those Y cases.

Me: Well, actually, X is not ubiquitous. If you look to its definition, you will see that it is very specific and that most Y cases are not X cases. So what the author of the text on X is talking about is much more restricted.

Dude: No, because X includes still all the cases of Y.

Me: No, it does not. I have just given you an explanation of why it does not.

Dude: Well, still. It is much broader. We cannot get rid of X by getting rid of X.

When even denying a tautology is easier for you then admitting that someone else ( a woman! Beware!) is right, please check your ego. Something is broken.

Bad day. At least the city looks nice. 


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