A busy week

Last Tuesday, I went to work early and stopped at a bakery at the Opera station to get something to eat. On the way out, I was putting my wallet back into my purse. I walked to the escalator just around the corner. Shortly before I reached the top, I noticed that something about my purse felt weird. When I checked, my wallet was gone. So were almost all my important documents.

The rest of the week was a bit ambiguous: I went to a great philosophy workshop in Switzerland, met a very good friend there and had a chance to visit another old friend: the river Rhine. However, I did so while having only my passport as the one and only important document left. My friends had to lend me all the money and conference dinner after conference dinner I had to ask them to take care of my bill.

Shortly before I got back, I received a message. Someone found my wallet. Without money, but at least all the important other things were still left. I got home from Switzerland yesterday and picked up my wallet this morning. These last seven days have been very busy.


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