A radical thought

There is one more thought on the feminism issue I would like to share. You might be annoyed by it (or, if you are a new reader, not know what I am talking about). I am still far from being at peace with the whole issue: I would so love to have, say, one book that I can point to and say: “If you want to know what I assent to regarding feminism, read this.” But I haven’t found one yet.

However, there is one issue on which I have come to agree 100% percent with radical feminists: If your feminism produces think-pieces encouraging women to look sexy and then go out and celebrate their heterosexuality, please do me a favour and do not call yourself a feminist.

It’s not that I have a problem with any of these things. I am happy for any woman who feels that this gives her a sense of empowerment and I understand that it sometimes does. But when it comes to trying to be an attractive potential sexual partner for men, women don’t need reassurance from feminism. We have patriarchy for that.


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