Brace yourselves!

I have been having and I am still having a huge crisis that – I think – can be said to be an intellectual one. I am having a feminism crisis. I have started doubting a lot of my beliefs lately and that leaves me very confused and a bit anxious to rethink everything. Therefore, I have an announcement to make: I am going to write about it on this blog occasionally in order to clear my head and maybe to get some feedback on my thoughts. Please, feel absolutely free to comment, especially when its about this issue. I am in the process of finding my position on a large theoretical spectrum and I’ll take any help I can get!

And in case you wonder: No, I am not doubting whether I am a feminist. To the contrary. And there are good and many reasons for that. It’s all very complicated. I hope I’ll be able to talk you through this personal journey step by step.


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