Philosophy is a discipline which is dominated by men. There are great, bright, kind men working in the field. But there are also a lot of self-important, arrogant guys with an over-boarding sense of entitlement. I will not make a statement about which ones are in the majority (for now), but I can say with reasonable certainty that today, I met a PhD student who seems to belong to the latter group.

We were sitting in a restaurant and he was behaving very arrogantly during the whole conversation. But that’s okay so far. We were talking about a very controversial topic and, to be honest, I am guilty of having been very elitist, too. So far, I am not in the position to complain. But then, after finding out that not only my colleague, but I, too, hold a position at the university (which means full funding), he said: “Oh, you have a position, too? Why does everyone else have a position?” And then, in a sentence to the person sitting across from me: “This university gives positions to all the wrong people.”

Later I found out that there was a specific person who – so he thinks – shouldn’t have been hired because he himself would have been the better choice. So probably he had thought of that person when making his comment. But still: what a rude, thoughtless, self-important comment to make. And although there is no way I could verify it, I am pretty sure that his gender has something to do with the attitude. But even if I am wrong about this detail: You can’t make this shit up.


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