when your public show of affection is affecting the public

Recently, I went to visit Schönbrunn Palace (full guided tour included) and indulged in a lot of history and kitsch. I must say that I really liked it; I even was in souvenir buying mood (which is why I now own the ridiculous Empress Elizabeth playing cards that you see in the picture).

There was only one thing that annoyed me during the tour, and it annoyed me terribly: Schönbrunn is very crowded and two people who were in our tour group could not go a single second of the 90 minutes tour without holding hands.

Now, I know that holding hands can be romantic and a sign of affection and means something to a lot of people. But two people who cannot let go of each other, even when that makes them a physical obstacle for everyone else in a crowded room? Seriously, I am sure you can find another way to remember that you love each other. And if not, just stand closer to each other and try to at least not block so much of the way that everyone else has to use, too, please.


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