During the last weeks, I have asked around what people think of the TV show Modern Family. (Not intentionally – I just happen to talk about Netflix very often. Maybe I should change that.)

The result is very interesting: Most of my heterosexual friends explained to me that they don’t watch it because the gay couple is represented in such a stereotypical way. I on the other hand love the show, and one of the reasons is that at least there is a gay couple that is actually allowed to be a regular part of the show.

Representation of non-hetero individuals in TV shows is still a big issue for me and I still haven’t figured out what I actually want to see and why. And no, there is no update on what I identify as either. The only intermediary result I have to offer is that my wish does not even seem to be about actual representation of someone I want to identify with (although that would be nice). It seems to be much more about me being really, really bored by heterosexual love stories at the moment. Especially since it just all seems like instances of the same story, over and over again.


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