What I was raised to believe

Yesterday, something completely amazing happened to me. The night before, I couldn’t go to sleep for hours, so I couldn’t get up in the morning. When I finally managed to, I was so tired that the process of getting ready took ridiculously long. At the tram station, I missed my tram (I literally touched it when it got away…). So I ended up taking a subway that was 2 hours later than the one I would have normally taken. When I arrived at my workplace stop, I saw somebody leaving the same train right in front of me. Someone I knew, I really like, and I hadn’t expected here since he lives hundreds of kilometres away. Turns out he was on holiday in Vienna!

I was raised to believe that there are no coincidences, that everything happens for a reason, etc. Some of you might have realized through earlier posts or just by knowing me well that I am not very fond of these “spiritual” attitudes anymore. It is basically something I hope to have overcome. But when something truly amazing happens, there is always the danger of falling back into old habits. (Not even to speak of the incident when I was completely broke and found 10 Euros in the street…)


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  1. Thank god (pun intended), you can be also happy about something extremely rare or random happening without any dump attempt to explain it with superstitious stuff.
    Its unlikely that you meet that person, but unlikelihood is not the same as impossibility.
    but whom i’m telling all that. i’m pretty sure you can run circles around me, teaching me about that stuff. xD
    love your writing! jeep up the good work!


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