Why am I doing this?

Recently, I had a conversation about blogging with some of my colleagues. It made me promise myself once more that would I make a habit out of posting something here, making this a more regular thing. Instead of numbing my thoughts with Netflix excesses, I might as well get some of them out there.

Lately, they haven’t always been too nice or entertaining, though. I had some of these existential crises where you would like to scream “What the f*ck am I doing here!?” into a mirror. The latest of those was today, when I read some of the (luckily) growing news coverage about a German justice scandal, where a rape was filmed and the video uploaded, and now the victim (!) is on trial for false accusations. (As far as I understood,  this was legally somehow justified by the fact that she “only” told the guy to stop – apparently also caught on tape.) I was sitting at my desk and nothing on my workday to do-list seemed only the least bit important to me in light of the fact that this is really happening in Germany in 2016.


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