To facebook or not to facebook?

I am worried about my facebooking (yes, it’s a verb!) habits. Often, when I sit in front of my notebook, scrolling down my timeline until I get bored, I find myself picking up my phone, unlocking the screen, and mechanically opening the facebook app. This is when I usually ask myself if I am loosing my mind, getting stupid, or just really in need of a holiday.

I am not one of those “The new/social media are ruining us” people. I have accepted that they are part of our lives now and, all things considered, I like them. I like that liking tons of facebook pages can help me find out about events that I might want to attend. Only yesterday I have annoyed half of my facebook friends by liking probably 15 Viennese facebook pages. (Sorry!) And I like that I can share pictures and thoughts with all those who care, especially now that I am quite far away from those who care. I even like –to a certain extent– the filter bubble effect it creates. I know that my facebook timeline does not reflect what “the public” thinks. Neither does what is said at the table when I meet my closest friends for breakfast.

The reason why I am unhappy about facebooking is a different one: I realize that the facebook representation of what you could call “the professional sphere” is coming closer. When I scroll down my timeline now, I find entries in which friends are trying to win a sex toys package (frequently!), followed by a family picture of someone who gave a talk at our department or whose book I’ve just read.

facebook (Is it also a lower case “f” at the beginning of a sentence?) is always said to make us unauthentic. It is said to make us focus on how we invent ourselves for the public eye. Ironically, I am starting to feel uneasy about it exactly because I am afraid that the way I present myself is not coherent– not a good enough invention.


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