IMG_20160120_165016Before I can focus 100% of my workday energy on my PhD, I need to sort some things out and to get some other writing out of the way. Regarding this, I can finally see the finish line and, unfortunately, the closer I get, the slower I become.

It feels as if the most notable progress is actually that I finally got my first office plant. However, I try not to give up and, instead, to motivate myself by thinking about possible rewards for finishing old projects. At the moment, I am torn between a nice week-end trip somewhere and, ironically, a travel-free month, spent here in Vienna, which would include leaving the house and exploring the city with its coffee houses and museums on every Saturday and Sunday during this month. This way, I would actually get to know the city I live in. Probably more affordable to go for the week-end trip though.


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