Back to work

Today, I took a big step towards “back to normal”. I went to the office and got a bit of writing done. Needless to say I am still behind schedule. As if anyone ever sticks to their writing schedule…

Unfortunately, I lost a lot of time when I decided to quickly jump out of the building in order to get some coffee powder for tomorrow morning, so that I would not have to keep an eye on the watch in order to go home while the shops were still open. I took one wrong turn and got completely lost. I even had to walk through the “Graben”, which is a nightmarish place filled with people and department stores. When I arrived at the shop I was planning to get to (after an hour of going crazy), they were already closed. At 16:18.

In case you were wondering why I was so focused on this one shop: You do not simply get some coffee powder. Brewing coffee is a form of art.


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