A religious holiday

If you have read yesterday’s post and are still reading this one, you must either be very brave or also have your reservations about Christmas, just as I do.

Today is the day, and so I am still in a bad mood. I am taking the day to work, although -of course- I don’t have access to my office. So I’ll work from the kitchen for now.

Yesterday I tried to share one of my reasons for thinking that Christmas is actually not as cosy and nice as everyone seems to think . Today I’ll try to give a second reason.

One of the good things about it, it is often said by non-believers, is that a lot of people do not have to work. Well, a lot of people have to, and do so without complaint. For the others, it is always the same discussion. Should you take a shift at the restaurant? Is it even okay to ask you to do so? Is it morally wrong to buy a bottle of wine on Dec 24, given that there has to be someone who works at the check-out in order to sell it to you?

Today I have read an article stating that people who do not manage to buy all the Christmas Eve groceries before the 24th, actually do not deserve them on Christmas Eve. Supposed reason: Dec 24 is “a holy day” and everybody should be able to celebrate it. Let’s just ignore that not everybody is a Christian believer. What frightens me is that, in the 21st century, you can actually speak of a day being holy and, since everybody is so in on the Christmas celebration, only a few people will object to that.

Don’t get me wrong here. I am fine with people finding some comfort in religion. It is just that I thought that in the 21st century, with scientifically-motivated agnosticism and religious pluralism being present everywhere, religious fundamentalists and all other people could basically be told apart by their (in)ability to produce nice little qualifications like “to me”. Tell me that a day is holy to you, to your community, whatever. But do not tell me that something just is holy. And since we are already at it: Are people really still declaring other people to be saints in this century? I need another planet to live on. It better be Christmas-free.




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