What a nice day to hide inside

Today, we had a very sunny and warm day. I formed semi-serious intentions of leaving the house, exploring the city, and going to a museum, but it turned out that the museum of my choice is strongly in favour of early birds. Their only guided tour today took place at 11am, when I was still only starting a three hours-long skype breakfast conference.

The only reasonable alternative: Hiding in the house, acquiring a new addiction via Netflix and trying out a recipe for one pot pasta (the kind of pasta where you cook pasta and sauce together in one pot). So what is there to say? If you haven’t already done so (– If you have, you have probably done so when it was still new and all that — I know. You hipster!), you should all watch Firefly. It’s awesome, it’s a science fiction-western crossover, and it features a super-awesome female mechanic with whom I kind of fell in love immediately.


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