Hello internet and people that are on it!

Knowing one’s way around is a new little project of mine, designed to help me share some aspects of my own little struggle of finding my way around. There are three important aspects to this:

First, credit for the title is to be given to someone else: I encountered the phrase “knowing one’s way around” when reading a paper by philosopher Wilfried Sellars, who introduces it as that which would have been achieved if philosophical inquiry had reached its goal. Being a philosophy grad student myself, I find this idea somehow moving. Since philosophy takes up a lot of my time, I am sure that some of it will come up on this blog, too. In this sense, my blog is about (not yet) knowing one’s way around.

Second, starting this blog coincides with me leaving a town that has become my home. I am starting a new job in a new city and will, for probably quite some time, not know my way around in all this. I would like to share this experience with you, whoever you are.

And third, I am convinced that everybody’s ups and downs in life can be more or less translated as events in which we know our way around to different degrees. Sometimes, we know pretty well what has to happen, but something stands in the way of it happening and we are lost. Sometimes, we navigate smoothly. Sometimes, we just wonder where we are in our lives, or how we got there, and where to go from there. I am not sure that I will be brave enough or willing to share those very private impressions with all of you but in case I do: don’t say the title didn’t warn you.


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